The World Design Organization (WDO) is an NGO that supports the profession of industrial design. With over 180 members spanning across the world, the WDO runs several programs, including World Design Capital, the World Design Impact Prize and World Industrial Design Day.

I led the branding and website implementation in collaboration with a brand agency and web agency. I upheld all social media channels and produced all digital and print materials, including for three international General Assemblies in Taipei (Taiwan), Gwangju (South Korea) and Torino (Italy).


30th General Assembly

Created Keynote presentations spanning over 2 days, containing over 200 slides, during the General Assembly in Torino, Italy. Under the theme “Achieving the SDGs by design,” the presentation touched upon multiple SDGs and how the WDO’s World Design Capital program fit into these goals. This presentation contained a complex array of animation, images and video integration. The presentation had to be minimal in text for non-English speakers, but visually comprehensive.

Tool: Keynote


Previous version (2008-2017)
Current version (2017-Present)
Website redesign

In collaboration with FEED (a design agency) and Expression Web, I coordinated the implementation of the new World Design Organization website and procured their new domain,

While FEED created the brand, Expression Web created the function and structure of the website, I lead to the creation of the site architecture and creation of all site pages. This meant migrating all content from, managed and branded all content of all subsidiary programs such as World Design Capital, Interdesign, World Industrial Design Day, World Design Impact Prize, and the General Assembly. The rebrand also included the intranet for members and the newsletters in Constant Contact.

CMS: Wordpress
Collaborators: FEED, Expression Web

Pain Points

  • Previous website,, had very small type font, which made it difficult to read.
  • Upgrading the CMS was expensive and the organization had limited budget.
  • Limited options for uploading high res photos, no options for videos.
  • Language was very academic.
  • Limited options for analytics and site performance.
  • Did not have responsive design.


  • Integration of dynamic layout options for full customization on Wordpress CMS.
  • Bolder colours, larger customized fonts.
  • Google analytics integration highlighted strengths and weaknesses of the website.
  • Sharing pages on social media became quick and easy.
  • Responsive design for desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.


WDO - 30th General Assembly Event App

The organization moved to abolish manual voting, where members held up physical cards during quorums, motions and elections. We replace it with electronic voting through an app. This was an entirely new challenge as we had to onboard over 60 international users live during the General Assembly.

Pain Points

  • Counting votes for quorum, motions and elections take valuable time from the agenda to address issues in person.
  • Tight schedule left for little room for discussions and workshops.
  • There was concern for logistical and environmental impact of printing all documents, including agenda, schedule, and line items, for typically a one time use.


  • Electronic voting through an app via Attendify was introduced to reduce time to count votes, and see immediate results on screen.
  • More time was given for members to familiarize themselves with the app before a motion was passed.
  • All documents, agenda and schedule were immediately available on hand even before the meeting, giving members time to familiarize themselves with motions and procedures.
Result: Electronic voting was so efficient, even with the extra time given for troubleshooting, that the morning session ended an hour earlier than predicted. This left for more time for members to socialize together and strengthened their bonds.
Mock up of the WDO app with the logo and line shapeMock up of the WDO app with sample of the menuMock up of the WDO app with sample of calendarMock up of the WDO app with sample of a page


X-banner design of featuring the UN SDGs with the words Welcome 30th General Assembly, Achieving the SDGs by DesignSample badge design with World Design Organization logo and the person's name in the middle with title. 30 General Assembly logo in upper right hand corner.X-banner design with colored confetti with Welcome 60 Year Anniversary in the middle and World Design Organization logo in bottom left hand corner
30th General Assembly - Branding

Celebrating its 60th anniversary, WDO's new brand name (previously the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design) was officially launched at the 30th General Assembly. I created the branding for the theme of the General Assembly, "Achieving the SDGs by design", utilizing the color palette of the wheel. I branded all printed collaterals for the event including badges, x-banners, signage and wayfinding.

Tools: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop