Sonder is a hospitality company that specializes in short-term rentals, offering sleek modern interiors in over 40 cities worldwide.

I worked in the Real Estate arm where I produced all marketing materials, and lent design support in Brand Experience, Product Design and Strategic Finance.


Pitch decks - Visual Brand Edit (2022)

Sonder developed a new visual brand in late 2021. I revamped over 20 pitch decks for real estate to reflect this new visual edit in Google Slides. Custom fonts were replaced with Google fonts equivalent. New visual edit included photography direction and tone of voice. While it was important to tell a visual walkthrough of a Sonder deal, the decks also needed to address more complex ideas of deal structures, benefits, pain points, and pre-IPO financial health. The pitch decks also needed to be user-friendly for non-designers, giving them options to customize decks but also keeping within the realm of the brand style.

Tool: Google Slides
Collaborators: Brand


Previous version (2019-2020)
Current version (2021-Present)
Lease to Sonder  (2021)

Sonder's Real Estate team needed to update their Lease to Sonder landing page due to out of date content. This was a collaborative effort between several teams to bring this page live.

Tool: Figma
Collaborators: Brand, Product Design, Engineering

Pain Points

  • The page still retained the previous branding and needed to be updated to its latest iteration (2021).
  • Information was old and dated.
  • Hero illustration no longer reflected in brand edit.
  • Product Design team didn’t have resources to address ancillary pages.
  • Engineering team had limited resources and time.


  • Liaising with the Brand Experience and Product Design teams, I based the page on an existing Figma file template, with existing functions such as a quote/image carousel, and kept information static, reducing the demand on Engineering.
  • Updated colors to 2021 visual brand.
  • Update images with 2021 photography styling of bright and clean spaces.
Homepage refresh (2021)

A soft launch in introducing the new Sonder bird logo, I worked on creating the homepage carousel, highlighting the latest Sonder units available for booking. Under the direction of the VP of Design, each unit was handpicked for unit aesthetic in keeping with the company's motto, A Better Way to Stay.

Tool: Figma
Collaborators: Brand, Product Design, Engineering