I Need A New Computer


I've been meaning to post and work on my photos from my honeymoon these past couple of weeks, but my computer has been acting up. The browser (doesn't matter which kind) keeps crashing repeatedly and I probably need to face the fact that it may be time for me to buy a new laptop. I thought I would be able to eck out more time on my 7yr old MacBook Pro 💻 after a change of the hard drive and RAM upgrade in 2015, but I knew that it could only keep it going for two more years. Lo and behold, it's been two years and now it's acting up. Le sigh.

I have to admit that it's been a good run. Even though at the time I thought the laptop was pricey, it's been worth every penny. I've been an Apple convert ever since and refuse to go back to Windows, I don't care how much cheaper their laptops are. So I've been researching for a replacement and thought to settle on the 12" MacBook since the MBP have more power than what I need (just using Lightroom and Photoshop) and glad to see their recent upgrades of up to 16GB in RAM. True, the dongle issues will be annoying now that I won't  have a direct SD card slot anymore, I'll just need to be more creative in finding ways to upload my pics.  

Anyway, I'm now updating this from my phone, which goes to show that some things can still be done remotely without a computer. I leave you with a few shots that I've been posting on Instagram.