A Taste of What's To Come


It's been a harrowing journey to Ireland from Iceland after a missed flight. We've made a mad dash in the last 36hrs, with very little sleep, to Northern Ireland with our shoot with Paula. It was the crack of dawn, we chased the light around the Antrim coast, and captured some amazing photos. The photo above is just a sample of our shoot that morning. 

We're currently in Derry and slumbered for 10hrs straight. For the rest of the trip we can relax and wake up late. I got tons of photos on my camera and can't wait to edit and post them.  

I couldn't help myself and joined Instagram again at @tutrampham 😅The few mishaps that has happened on this trip made me appreciate our life in Montreal even more and so far despite the stressful snaps here and there, there's no one better I would like to spend my life with.

I leave you with a couple of snaps that Cory took on his phone, but we can thank Paula for finding that amazing light for us!