Hello Iceland! 🙋🏻


We're here and spending our first day in Iceland in our homebase of Reykjavik! 

We got a free upgrade to our hotel by being transferred to the absolutely lovely A Townhouse Hotel where past cast members of the Game of Thrones stayed here during filming. Who knew? We have a gorgeous industrial style studio with an ultra modern kitchenette complete with mini dishwasher! I wish I had pics to do this place justice but will only be to link to their site for a look. 

We're still in the heart of Reykjavik on their most popular street. It's a very walkable neighborhood. 

We've seen and been to some pretty cool places in the city, it's small like Halifax but has definitely Scandinavian roots and aesthetics.  I also had the best chai latte I've had in YEARS since I've gone to Stockholm in 2014. I was afraid the weather might not cooperate but so far we're doing pretty well, it's cloudy but with some bursts of sunshine here and there. Tomorrow is going to be a big long day going around a day tour so that will be interesting! More to come!

The dude approves.  

The dude approves.